Atmospheric Dynamics meetings are held in the Sayre Hall conference room on Princeton's Forrestal Campus, home to the Princeton University Program for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. To join the email announcement list, please write to Tim Merlis.


April 13, TBD

March 30, Cameron MacDonald (Princeton)

March 16, Sofia Menemenlis (Princeton)

March 2, Bor-Ting Jong (Princeton)

Feb. 16, Spencer Hill (Princeton)

Feb. 2, Ilai Guendelman (Princeton)

Jan. 19, Yi-Hung Kuo (Princeton)


Dec. 8, Simona Bordoni (U. Trento)

Dec. 5, Andrew Williams (Oxford)

Nov. 28, Hung-I Lee (U. Chicago)

Oct. 24, Ivan Mitevski (Columbia)

Oct. 10, Cameron MacDonald (Princeton)

Sep. 26, Zhihong Tan (Princeton/GFDL)

Sep. 8, Tim Merlis (Princeton)

Aug. 25, Veeshan Narinesingh (Princeton)

Aug. 11, Spencer Hill (Princeton)

July 28, Mingyu Park (Princeton)

July 14, Tristan Abbot (Princeton)

June 30, Akshaya Nikumbh (Princeton)