Tim Merlis, Manager Science (he/him)

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McGill University Graduate Students & Postdocs

Yan-Ting Chen, Ph.D. (she/her; co-advised by Yi Huang)

Marie-Pier Labonté, Ph.D. (she/her)

Meera Mohan, Ph.D. (co-advised by Daniel Kirshbaum)

Thomas Navarro, post-doc (co-advised by Natalya Gomez and Nicholas Cowan)

McGill University Alums

Eric Bembenek, Ph.D. and post-doc (co-advised by David Straub)

Zhong-Yi Chia, M.Sc. (co-advised by Daniel Kirshbaum)

Cécile Defforge, M.Sc.

Anne-Sophie Fortin, M.Sc. (co-advised by Carolina Dufour)

Matthew Henry, Ph.D.

Molly Menzel, M.Sc.

Michael Rollings, M.Sc. and research assistant

Flora Viale, M.Sc.